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(2015-11-17, 22:26)sialivi Wrote:
(2015-11-16, 14:24)afedchin Wrote: Can you please try to disable DXVA2 hardware acceleration then reprocude the issue?

Looks like disabling it stops the crashes. I never had a problem with DXVA2 prior to 16.0 though.
DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED error means what video card was removed physically or driver was restarted. In your case it's a driver restart. Why drivers hangs nobody knows exactly.
So I can conclude what your issue related to the unofficial drivers (your GPU has no official drivers for Win10). In v16 we reworked our rendering system to using DirectX 11 API and seems that implementation of DX11 API and especially video API in your driver no so good as it should.

To solve the issue you can try to find proper driver which will work better or downgrade your OS to 8.1 or earlier.

Edit: Or you can disable the DXVA2 hardware acceleration in Kodi settings. Your CPU is more than enough to decode FHD content.
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