WIP Windows DirectX 11 upgrade test thread
Hardware: Intel Pentium G3220 3.0Ghz dual core, Windows 10 Pro 64bit fresh install, NVIDIA GTX950, driver-version 359.06, display Philips TV 4k 3840x2160 connected with HDMI [email protected]
Kodi DX11 version: November 12
Debug Log: http://pastebin.com/qyg2NWWC
Description: See below
How to reproduce: playing a few h264 files on 4k display

a few weeks ago I upgraded my TV from [email protected] TV to [email protected] and my video card from Integrated Intel HD to NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950
it seems that working with that configuration at UHD causes some problems
in the log you'll find that I played a first file without errors, then at some point in the second file the application crashed, I was hearing the audio going on, but the video was freezed and all I could do was to terminate Kodi
it's not a specific file problem, I tried many files and the problem happens "randomly"

the tested files from the log were 720p ones, but I tried with different ones, up to 2160p

I tried the 16 beta 2 too, same behaviour, so I went back to the 15.2 DX11

GPU acceleration with DXVA/DXVA2 is enabled and seems to be working correctly

if you have any suggestion or anything you want me to test please ask
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