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[Obsolete] PseudoTV Lite

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Recent performance improves made to PseudoTV Live may have deprecated this build, I'd recommend using "Lite" only if you've experienced issues using the latest "Live" build.

Special branch of PseudoTV Live that supports only Local Media, LiveTV from Kodi's PVR backend, and InternetTV. This build is a stripped down, optimized version of PseudoTV Live meant for low power HTPC's like the Amazon FireTV, AppleTV, Cubox, Ouya, and Raspberry Pi. For a full feature plugin visit: PseudoTV Live Thread


Check and install all missing dependency modules!!, listed below
If PseudoTV Live was installed correctly most, if not all dependencies should have automatically installed.


Special Thanks to:
jason102, angrycamel, jtucker1972, ARYEZ, peppy6582, earlieb, Steveb1968, kurumushi, twinther, LordIndy, ronie, mcorcoran, sphere, giftie, spoyser, Eldorados, lambda, kickin, bradvido88, Phil65, RagnaroktA

Forgive grammatical mistakes and typo's this was written quickly and I have a lot of information to get out there... I will edit as i go!
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