Win HOW TO - Configure a Logitech Harmony Remote for Kodi
(2016-01-25, 03:16)HTFanatic Wrote: Whenever I click on the "icon" I renamed "Kodi" and put on the remote "screen" and click on it, the PC shuts down or goes into a sleep mode. So I know that the Harmony Ultimate Remote is communicating with the Computer/PC.

I decided to delete the Activity and start over again to show you what steps I am taking.

I want the PC to start up when I click on the "Kodi" Activity icon and then "Launch" directly into Kodi at start up. I am creating which will be a shortcut on the Harmony Ultimate Remote "screen" on the remote itself. ( I know that there is another way to automatically launch Kodi at start up. There is a utility
to do this out there but I don't know the link off the top of my head, so I would rather try to have my Harmony Ultimate Remote and the Microsoft PC SE device do it for me)

Here are the screenshots of the steps I am taking.

First: Here is a screen shot of my Devices so you know that I am choose the correct ones. (its funny that it names the "Microsoft CE Keyboard" as a "Media Player". I never noticed that until now.

1. Create a new Activity and choose the type as "Custom".

2. Create a "Name" for your "Custom Activity" (I called mine StartPC/Launch Kodi)

3. Choose a "Device" or "Devices" (I chose the SE only because I know that if you choose both, the PC gets confused and you are not supposed to choose both the Microsoft Keyboard (aka Media Player) and the "Media Center PC SE"

4. Next screen, it is asking for "Inputs". This confused the heck out of me and I was stressed about it. What the *^*$ do I choose on this screen?

1. Looks Ok.

2. Looks Ok.

3. You can use both MCE Keyboard and Windows Media Center SE. You don't have to, but the computer will not get confused.

4. The MCE Keyboard and Windows Media Center SE devices do not use any inputs. This is only needs to be set for your TV by selecting the input used by your PC.

The next step involves settings keys on the remote face. I would add the MCE Keyboard device and follow the key layout in this guide.
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