Kodi Media Player Options with 3D MVC & HD Audio
(2015-03-16, 15:15)hdmkv Wrote: looun, thanks, I did ask, but wondering if all you listed is TMI (too much information) Wink. Let me see what I can add w/o making list too large. I've updated first post to include Rasberri Pi for now. Also, OpenELEC is now a contender, not just Android. I didn't include Windows (with PowerDVD/TMT) as it's too much work to get 3D and doesn't feel like a set-top device.

most important are:
- external subtitle: 2D/3D/Full 3D
- net protocol support: SMB,NFS ecc internal(dvd player) end/or external
- frequency switch: 24/50/60, internal/external player
- LPCM output: 44.1/48/96/192
- play store: yes/no/pre-installed(or present)/not all apps is compatible

PowerDVD/TMT on windows: not support external subtitle with FULL 3D and 5 minute (load app mount iso ecc) for see a film. ....inusable

i think useful have compare with a classic media player like PCH(Top quality) Vten or A-400
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