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(2015-03-18, 06:17)jurialmunkey Wrote: especially considering this is a development subforum.

We already have a clear and simple method for labelling threads: Concept; WIP; and Release. These are straightforward and work well.
In addition to these I would propose:
  • No posts requesting an ETA - if the developer has an ETA they will put this in the first post of the thread

    What are everyone's thoughts/ideas? Any additions/changes etc?

Didnt read the whole Tread.

But im against censoreship, not shure if this is already possible, but may a solution would be, to have the possibility to disable the right to write posts for some users.
So may a "simple" treadspecivic "ignore-list" could make sense if its realy needed?

Im not shure if all newbes knew what this WIP area is about,
And why Skinners Post WIP treads here, may the reason is also different from Skinner to Skinner
Some simply want to show what there doing, Others maby Post Ideas to see if there is enoth Public interest to share there Work, others would like to have feedback about there Layout, others maby are happy about requests what else to add to the Skin, and so on..

I think at last its up to the Skinner to tell his "followers" or the interested people what his up to.

I understand that it can be annoying to read some silly questions like mentioned in the starter.
and have People try do make pressure.
A answer for a question "when will it be released" could be "as soon i think its time to" or what ever, or just ignore such questions

Its realy sad to see what happen to the ftv tread.

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