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Well, I can understand TheLegendOfMart when he refers to the attitude of some developers. I also do not like it when they again and again point out: "We developers are doing all the hard work and you, dum users, are contributing absolutely nothing to it". And even if you say that they have a point, it is quiet offensive to dwell on it over and over again. And it definitly does not grant (or let's say should not grant) them any prefered rights in a forum, especially not when it comes to being unfriendly to other members.

But as to the tone of his statement: It always sounds very aggressive when you use "irony" while addressing somebody and I think TheLegendOfMart definitly crossed the line by he tone he used in his statement. To me it seemed he missunderstood Jayz2k comment (comparing developers with parents and users with children) and somehow felt offended by it. But that is no excuse, so I think one can justify his ban. Anyways, if you apply those hard punishments to users using such tone or irony I just ask you to also apply it consequently to developers doing the same thing in the future.

But this all leads to the point that I just mentioned earlier: It is not actually about WHAT is asked or what is discussed, its always about HOW we ask and how we discuss - and how we reply to statements or questions. Therefore I would not recommend having restrictions as to these points. I feel totally fine with the already applicable regulations concerning conduct and tone. Let's just stick with them. They seem to work as it just showed.

As to jjd-uk's suggestion of splitting the forum:
It could be a good idea and maybe address jurialmunkeys concerns when you install a subforum only for developers. The "elite" may then discusses things amongst themselves. However, because of the title of the forum "work in progress" I still would recommend splitting it into (a) projects that are actually "in progress" and (b) those that still are not yet or not anymore. That would help both sides - developers and users - avoiding too many discussions as to the status of a project, a possible realease date or an update. I mean, you never can totally prevent such questions from occuring. But it would surely help to reduce the amount of them. The harsh debate I once had in another thread was also only because I seem to have "misinterpreted" the section name and suggested moving a project, that was officially not maintained anymore, to another forum for what I thought was representing the "finished projects"-section.



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