Win HOW TO - Configure Kodi DSPlayer with LAV Filters, XySubFilter & madVR
10 bit output is a complicated mess.

Quote:An 8-bit (Rec. 709) source cannot be expanded to a new gamut.

you can do stuff like this but it's not a good idea. expending just result in totally wrong colors.

madVR supports BT 2020 output but no TV can came close to BT 2020 and the TV doesn't know this is a BT 2020 picture and it always expecting a BT 709 image from the PC (and this is maybe totally wrong in a just 2 years). but madVR can map BT 709 gamut to BT 2020 and 10 bit output get's useful for this but yeah like said earlier there is no sane way to make use of this.

to make things even more complicated UBD doesn't use a normal gamma curve it uses PQ so it is kind of even more useless to do stuff like this. PQ isn't supported in madVR and there is currently no way to tell your TV this is PQ gamma not gamma 2.2 yet.

but if you are a calibrator with a meter and you calibrated your device in native gamut you can use of the extra gamut of your screen using a 3D LUT and make use of it with the handful of BT 2020 source with gamma 2.2.

Quote:Typically, TVs supporting UHD resolutions also support output bit depths of 10-bits or more, but this is not always the case. Many olders TVs are also native 10 bit panels. To confirm 10-bit output is received, the following test protocol can be undertaken.

nearly all TVs support 12 bit INPUT nearly no UHD TV has a 10 BIT display. the 10 bit UHD screens are the flagships with HDR support (you really need 10 bit for HDR). there is no consumer grade 12 bit display. older post from ~2008-2010 like to talk about 12 bit displays but that's about internal processing and this is mixed up a lot too. but what so ever most UHD screens don't have a 10 bit panel but this doesn't matter anyway most can't deal with the UBD spec anyway.

Quote:Be careful when selecting 10-bit output with an 8-bit panel. Additional dithering will be added to the image by the GPU at output, reducing image quality. It is always a safe bet to set madVR to 8-bits if the panel bit-depth is unknown.

because 12 bit input is very common on TVs this isn't the case with most TVs the TV is dithering/rounding.

for nearly all PC monitors the GPU has to dither/round to 8 bit because most don't support 10 bit input.

but yeah I don't see a way to get this topic 100% correct there are a lot of "IF" and it would be half a book or something like that to make this topic 100% correct.

is "only deinterlace pixel in the middle of the frame" the setting from processing -> deinterlacing "only look at pixels in the center (good for broadcasts, bad for anime)"

if yes it should be renamed it does something different for IVTC. deinterlacing is not effected by it. only deinterlacing the middle of a screen is totally pointless ^^.

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