Win HOW TO - Configure Kodi DSPlayer with LAV Filters, XySubFilter & madVR
(2018-11-02, 16:05)TheBuz Wrote:
(2018-11-02, 15:45)Warner306 Wrote: It doesn't sound like AC3Filter is working correctly. Did you try sending PCM audio from LAV Filters, or does AC3Filter replace LAV? It is getting old, so maybe it isn't compatible with current software.

The only other option I know of for transcoding audio is FFDShow Audio. You can't use the internal Kodi audio renderer because it is not a DirectShow filter. DirectShow audio renderers are in short supply now that most DirectShow media players use its own internal audio renderers.

If you want to check if you missed something, the user manual for AC3Filter can be found here:

Just read the manual, i am pretty sure i had AC3 Encode unchecked, because i thought that ment "encode AC3 streams" what it actually means is "Encode steams to AC3"


I will test again tonight, thank you.

I am on mobile and it's not letting me edit for some reason.

But thank you Warner306!

For anybody having this problem (especially with Sonos) SPDIF MUST BE CHECKED FOR AC3 ENCODE TO WORK. I am using HDMI so never thought to tick the SPDIF box.

Wow what ride.

Now i just need to sort out the video, it's too black in dark scenes.

I have calibrated my TV. Which order would you suggest making adjustments in?

I have done it in this order so far

1. Calibrate TV using TV settings
2. Adjust graphics card (GTX 1080) options to in-built reference images
3. Minor tweaks in MadVR (i think I'll have to run through the guide again)
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