Announcement: code is now stable
With the release of Kodi 15 alpha 2, I've applied the RetroPlayer patch onto this milestone. You can clone the branch retroplayer-15alpha2 from my repo ( to check it out.

For a good overview of the code, check out the 29 commits that form the base of this patch.

The first few commits are fixes/changes that RetroPlayer depends on. Then commits 0001 - 0012 are the meat of the patch. Each major feature / code change has its own commit, and the code compiles and runs on the 3 major OSes at each stage so that features can be tested individually (at least in theory). 1001 - 1004 are API changes (subject to change), and the temp commits won't be included in the final PR.

I'll get some builds out once keyboard input works. ATM input is captured, but button mapping isn't implemented yet so it doesn't know which keys connect to which buttons.

Apologies to those who've tried helping when the code was unstable - the new CMake-based build system took a long time to integrate, and I was frequently breaking stuff and force-pushing to github. Now that we have a stable base, I'll only merge commits as they're complete to keep retroplayer-15alpha2 stable and force-pushing near-minimal.

Once I get some test builds up, we'll need a LOT of help creating controller add-ons for all the platforms we support. keep an eye on the forum!
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Announcement: code is now stable - by garbear - 2015-04-03, 17:10

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