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(2018-06-19, 18:33)rick_dastardly Wrote: Hi, having some random audio dropouts with Sanear and bitstreaming. PCM works fine. I've also tried default directsound device and MPC-BE audio renderer (standalone filter, MPC-BE itself is not installed), and neither of these have dropouts with either bitstreaming or PCM. So I guess for some reason Sanear isn't working on my system. So I'll stick with MPC-BC audio renderer, so my question would be, how do I change the properties of it?
 Try updating to the latest version of LAV Filters. It is supposed to offer improvements for audio dropouts. You can replace the copies of LAV Filters in the DSPlayer directory with those from the latest LAV Filters release.

Don't know about MPC-BE. Is there a tray icon during playback or an entry in the Windows Start Menu? Did you try disabling Exclusive mode and disabling the system channel mixer? It should produce identical results to WASAPI Exclusive.

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