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(2018-06-30, 18:21)entourage2111 Wrote:
(2018-06-29, 18:01)Warner306 Wrote:
(2018-06-29, 10:16)entourage2111 Wrote: Thanks Warner. I renamed the extension of my intro video to "nkv" last night and then added nkv to the videoplayer merits section in dsplayer settings (Bare in mind, I just typed nkv not .nkv or "nkv"). It didn't work though, it just played it with DSplayer again which was not what I wanted.

I haven't tried adding those extension names to the playercorefactory.xml but will try that tonight. When you tried it, did you find the whole experience to be quite smooth or were intro videos/trailers not worth the hassle with DSPlayer?  
 You need to change the folder options in Windows to see file extensions. You don't see them by default. I don't think nkv is a valid file extension. Try .flv instead.

If VideoPlayer is playing everything, DSPlayer is really not involved. So it shouldn't be an issue. The movie trailers could be a problem if Internet streams are set to be played by DSPlayer. You would have to try.

Some people have had trouble getting DSPlayer to recognize rules using filenames, so hopefully it works for you.  
Thanks Warner. Did as you recommended and have got it working but not a smooth experience overall in that department. I see a pause buffer screen between the MPAA and the movie itself which doesn't look quite smooth so rather not use it. Is there a way to show just a black screen whilst we move from Audio clips > MPAA > movie? 
 The playercorefactory rules might be slowing things down. There isn't anything you can do about the transition to DSPlayer. It just isn't meant to be used with that add-on. I tried it once a while ago and gave up. It is a good add-on and I've collected all of the required intro videos, but it's not worth dumping DSPlayer just to use it.

I am assuming the experience should be smooth, as well, but maybe the add-on just sucks. Who knows.

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