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In my experience, DVDFab Player v.5 does not play things so great.

2DHDR.iso's using v.3 play great and automatically because it uses private api's from GPU drivers.  Using v.5, not so good.  HDR does not engage at all.  I think they got away from using private api's and instead started using Windows HDR which ruined everything.  So, users are obliged to manually engage the Windows HDR switch and disengage it when finished which isn't exactly as convenient as it is using v.3.  I think the same holds true for mkv's but I can't remember since most of my stuff centers around iso's. 

3D was added to v.5, something missing altogether in v.3 which is why I rely on PowerDVD for 3D menu playback.  Adding it to v.5 is not without problems.  Before you can use it, resolution must be changed to 1080p prior.  This sort of ruins the entire 4k desktop and GUI presentation of everything including KODI's library.  No one wants to manually lessen resolution just to obtain function.  I could write code to auto switch it but that workaround isn't the users responsibility.  That is a basic function all other players perform and so should v.5.

I know the player has underwent a few changes since v.5 was released back in Feb but I never saw anything regarding any of this in release notes and assume the problems remain so I continue using v.3.  Perhaps the OP could compare his tests against mine assuming his version is newer and I might retest should he confirm more positive results.

KODI v.18 did not fully obey PCF.xml last I tested a month ago.  First run it would launch external player of choice correctly.  Any subsequent choice of a different player be it by default via PCF.xml rules or manual selection via 'play using' always resulted in using the previous player as if it was stuck in KODI memory or corrupted the function and closed the loop.  This included VideoPlayer, the internal player.  No amount of fiddling could massage its decision. 

These are my experiences and YMMV.  I'd be happy to find out others have more positive results with any of this.
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