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(2018-07-13, 17:37)arabesc Wrote:
(2018-07-13, 17:24)Warner306 Wrote: DSPlayer is using XySubFilter.
(2018-07-13, 17:24)Warner306 Wrote: It's not that old.
Does it have a maintainer, updates?
(2018-07-13, 17:24)Warner306 Wrote: You can try something else if you want.
How to replace XySubFilter to another renderer?
(2018-07-13, 17:24)Warner306 Wrote: XySubFilter renders the most attractive subtitles out there.
In combination with madVR it makes playback of some movies unsmooth.  
If XySubFilter is not smooth, you are likely over the rendering time in madVR or running out of memory. There is a trade quality for performance checkbox in madVR related to subtitles to help with this. XySubFilter uses a fair bit of memory and processing power. So you have to account for this in madVR. If you own a GT 1030 or GT 1050, it could really struggle with XySubFilter

madshi provided the last update to XySubFilter, but it is not being actively developed. It is his preferred subtitle filter. There is nothing to update at this point, as nothing new has happened with subtitles over the past couple of years. Some tweaks to HDR subtitles have been considered. But that's about it.

You can use another DirectShow subtitle filter by adding it as an extra filter in DSPlayer and specifying it as a subtitle filter.

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