Best Way to Revert to Gotham?
Hey all,

After upgrading to 14.x I've had a lo of new problems with the new mythtv PVR plugin.

The version for 14.x is apparently rewritten, and has been causing me random freezes in live TV streams (which can be brutal on a burn-in prone plasma in a household where no one pays attention but me :p

I tries reverting to the older Gotham cmyth based plugin, but it is not compatible with the 14.x Kodi API.

This means I need to revert back to Gotham so I can use the old cmyth plugin.

Since I am on Ubuntu I am using the PPA. I removed the kodi package and all the dependencies it pulled in using auto remove and then did apt-get xbmc, as I figured this package would install Gotham.

No such luck. The xbmc package is apparently just a forward to the kodi 14.2 package.

So what would be the best way to revert to Gotham on a Ubuntu install that is already up and running?

Appreciate any suggestions,
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