How can we fix the image size problem with addons?
(2015-05-17, 13:39)jurialmunkey Wrote: I take the same position as Jeroen. If the content type is Movies/TvShows then I assume it has Poster+Fanart. If its content is episodes I assume it has a 16:9 thumb. Anything else I assume Square.

Add-ons need to set the correct content type for each level. In the two examples above both are clearly the wrong content type and the problem would be rectified if they just set the right content type (first should be set as files and second should be set as movies). If the add-on authors can't even set the correct content type then I really don't think they can be expected to set additional properties correctly either.

I would like to mention that perhaps many, many plugin devs don't even know they can. Most just do c/p from others and work from that. If the first one didn't set content it's more than likely they won't either. You would only find out if you c/p from a well done plugin, reading the docs or get pointed out to the fact you can do this.

So the more they get pointed to the fact they can the more will do it correct.

spammed the addon mailinglist about this so lets hope it raises some awareness
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