How can we fix the image size problem with addons?
(2015-05-18, 18:00)bromix Wrote:
(2015-05-18, 17:50)Hitcher Wrote: Just set the content based on the aspect ratio of the images used rather than the actual content type.

So if your addon supplies movies but they use landscape style images set the content to episodes.

Hope that makes sense.

Not quite...Movies should show different informations then episodes for TV shows. Compared on the behavior of Confluence...the information are quite different for movies and episodes. The skin behaves different - the navigation in the information dialog is different.

I would put all images I can get via the setArt method....for example: for YouTube I get three different types of images, the fanart (landscape), a banner and a thumb (square). But to return to your guide line...I would see to it to provide for the videos (episodes) landscape images. For everything else (even the channels) I don't set a content and provide only the square thumbs (Like your example).

Video (episodes) = Landscape
Navigation and Channels (None) = Square
I agree with what Hitcher and Bromix are proposing here.
I'm a little confused about the relationship between setArt and setContent.
Just to be clear, setArt is on a listitem, setContent is on a container, correct?
setContent both selects the images and metadata fields for a given content view?
Is the thumb definition square as per Bromix above, or 16:9? I seem to see one or the other depending on which skin I look at (or at least not all are square).

(2015-05-18, 18:01)Hitcher Wrote: Sorry, didn't realise addons could also set the art type.

EDIT: Just a shame we don't have ListItem.Art(square) and I think everything would be covered.

Can we achieve ListItem.Art(square) by using ListItem.setIconImage?
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