AMLogic - try and fix your Audio and Video playback problems.
(2017-05-14, 07:29)wrxtasy Wrote: No Kodi Krypton version will fix your issue - its an Android Firmware problem.

Android Kodi Krypton = mediacodec only video hardware acceleration = Android Firmware patches needed for Kodi dynamic refresh switching
(only companies I know of - MINIX and WeTek have the required AMLogic Marshmallow Android Firmware patches)

Android Kodi Jarvis (SPMC) = Amcodec video hardware acceleration still available (on some platforms) = Kodi dynamic refresh switching still works.

One solution: run LibreELEC Kodi Krypton from a Samsung EVO or Sandisk Class 10 U1 microSDHC card in a Dual boot setup. Amcodec hardware acceleration is still used for LibreELEC Kodi Krypton. Its far superior.


Android Kodi Krypton has poor, and usually broken deinterlacing when user with mediacodec only video hardware acceleration. Use Amcodec acceleration with SPMC (Kodi Jarvis) or use the superior LibreELEC Kodi Krypton where everything works.

Well, I switched from LibreELEC because too much didn't work for my media types. However the one benefit LibreELEC had over android was resolution switching..but that's getting off topic and not nearly as important to me as everything else android kodi brings to the table.

I forgot to mention I'm on a minix m8sII with the latest marshmallow firmware, and have been using mediacodec acceleration in SPMC (need surface enabled as well for HDR support). By your explanation above, it would seem that refresh rate switching in kodi krypton should work?

EDIT: I just read your first sentence about the "switch." By "loving the switch," I mean everything works flawlessly in SPMC. I also have TONS of HDR media, tons of bt2020 video, and tons of 10 bit media (some overlaps obviously, but huge variety), and capture my own uhd hdr brays for personal use with some metadata llt tuning for my display. Here's a pro/cons list:

Android Pros/cons:
- HDR works!
- 10 bit output works!
- 4:4:4 output works! Note: this works in LibreELEC with jarvis but not krypton unless you patch it yourself, however some s905(not x) users reported the patch caused problems for them at 4k resolutions.
- automatic colorspace switching works!
- upmix with ac3 transcoding works (passthrough took a bit of work to get working properly without clipping)!
- No resolution switching, so can't use TV's internal upscaler (not a big deal since all my media is either 1080p or 2160p).
- Can't use Krypton due to refresh rate switching bug.

LibreELEC pros/cons:
- Only send partial HDR metadata.
- No 10 bit output! Krypton also has worse color banding with 10 bit media (cut to 8 bit) than Jarvis in LibreELEC using test images and real media.
- No 4:4:4 output support (see above for note)
- no colorspace switching, and if you force an AVR or display to switch colorspace, the reproduction is very poor.
- passthrough audio works flawlessly without futzing, however upmix with ac3 transcoding is no go.
- resolution switching...but this isn't a huge deal because of my library.
- Can use krypton, but don't like to because of bad color banding.

Edit2: btw, the refresh rate switching is the only thing I can't get working in kodi krypton. Everything else including audio passthrough works for me on the latest minix android 6.0 firmware.

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