Win HOW TO - Kodi 2D - 3D - UHD (4k) HDR Guide Internal & External Players
Kodi Settings:

DO NOT run Kodi as admin.
PDVD will popup "Disc not found, choose another".

Adjust Refresh Rate to Match Video 'On start/stop'.
Pause During Refresh Rate Change '8 Secs'. This is to give ample time for your panel to auto switch prefered 3D mode described later.
Sync Playback to Display 'Uncheck'. With this setting enabled, you might experience repeated random audio drops using Dolby TrueHD as I have.
Playback Mode of Stereoscopic 3D Videos 'Preferred Mode'.
Disable Stereoscopic 3D Mode When Playback Ended 'Enabled'.


Subtitle Position on Screen 'Below Video'.
Stereoscopic 3D Depth of Subtitles '5'.


Blu-Ray Playback Mode 'Simplified'. This will bring up the context menu 'Play with' allowing you to choose other than what is already focused as the default. You will simply press enter or navigate to your preference.

Blu-Ray Playback Mode 'Show Blu-ray menu'. This will skip the context menu and go directly to the correct player eliminating the extra 'enter' button press. You can still choose players by manually navigating to 'Play with'. When you do the latter, and select play using with dvdplayer, KODI will show your title including Blu-ray menu, etc. Remember, some discs menus work perfectly within KODI and some do not.



Stereoscopic 3D Mode (Current) 'Disabled'.
Preferred Mode 'Same as Movie'.
Use a Fullscreen Window Rather Than True Fullscreen 'Enabled' although Disabled using 1 display has presented no problems for me.
I have read that using Kodi to adjust display size introduces ghosting. Always use your panels display size settings to fit to screen.


*Samsung users only*
Install/Configure 3D Enabler Samsung TV I use this because I have a Samsung and it automates 3D mode so I don't have to select the proper one depending on the title I am playing. This is not needed for frame packed 3D titles such as full ripped iso's or file structure rips. Usually the only options are 2D>3D, SBS, and TAB. Full rips use none of these modes - .mkv's do.


The cleanest naming convention that works for me looks like this and is necessary for 3D automation to work properly:
Avatar (2009) .3D for full rips
Avatar (2009) .3D.SBS for side by side
Avatar (2009) .3D.TAB for top and bottom
This also conforms with skins nicely so that cases show as 3D.

We will be using a playercorefactory.xml and 2 .bat files. 1 for 2D and the other for 3D. If everything is setup correctly, your system will know which players to use for proper playback eliminating the need to choose from the context menu while still offering the feature. The options are 'dvdplayer', '2D', and '3D'. Some full rip 2D title menus are not supported in Kodi so an external player is used by default. However, you can still select the built in Kodi player (dvdplayer) through the context menu. Routinely, I start a title using the external player to take advantage of the different offerings in a complete blu-ray. Once I'm done watching previews and other offerings, I determine if there is a extended version or not. I then return to Kodi and context menu dvdplayer and play through Kodi so I can take advantage of the enhancements Kodi and various skins offer during playback that external players do not. So each player has it's benefits. Any format that is not a full blu-ray rip always defaults to dvdplayer. This includes 3D.mkv's since an external player is not needed and offers nothing more than Kodi's built in player. Full 3D ripped blu-rays will always default to the external player, mount via VCD, and your panel will prompt you to 'Turn on your 3D glasses' once everything is called up. The next post contains the codes you will need.

HOW TO - Kodi 2D - 3D - UHD (4k) HDR Guide Internal & External Players
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