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(2018-07-21, 16:13)brazen1 Wrote: After setting RGB Full 12bit at 23/24Hz, change to 60Hz and the bit depth field will be blank.  It is dithering down to 8bit at 60Hz.  That's because Windows is only compliant at 8bit when anything higher than 30Hz.  23/24Hz you can use 12bit because it's under 30Hz but as stated, this introduces lag and makes everything sluggish.  Unfortunately, we have to select 12bit and let it dither down to 10bit.  nVidia doesn't offer a 10bit setting using RGB Full.  Maybe one day they will correct that in a driver update.  So, when using Windows Desktop or in KODI, your NCP should show 60Hz with a blank bit depth setting (it's at 8bit).  When you start a video, it should match refresh rate (commonly 24Hz) and output 8bit or 10bit depending if it's SDR or HDR.  NCP will show 12bit but later in the processing this will dither down accordingly.  You'll have to window what ever player you're using to check in NCP.  With an MPC player, you can bring up the madVR OSD by pressing Ctrl+J and see what is being output as well.  I use 385.28 and these settings survive a reboot.  Newer drivers probably won't.  I wouldn't get too hung up on bit depth.  You could be doing more harm than good by introducing banding and everything at 8bit would be fine with little to unnoticeable difference vs 10/12bit.  Your main concern should be RGB Full and auto frame rate matching always returning to a 60Hz Desktop or GUI.

I left it at RGB Full 8 bits 60Hz for the desktop, and confirmed with madVR windowed and a video paused that is changes to RGB Full 12 bits 23 Hz, so I think I am OK.

I also recently started testing Kodi Leia nightly, and the image quality for 4K with the internal player is surprisingly good.  When a 4K HDR title plays my Sony TV does not go black and do the mode change/refresh rate change, so I don't think I am getting 10 bit HDR output from Kodi, but I don't know of a way to test it.

One issue I have found, at least in my setup, is that I have to turn off DXVA2 hardware acceleration in Kodi playback settings.  If I leave it on, not title, no matter the resolution, will play correctly, showing these thick green bands all over the video image.  I don't know if this is just a Leia issue with nVidia, or if there is something else going on with my setup.  If I turn it off, all titles play.

Any ideas as to what might be going on there? I am also using two new settings in the advancedsettings.xml file, try10bitoutput, and allowdiscretedecoder.


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