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(2018-11-15, 18:53)brazen1 Wrote: Software like madVR, KODI, and all external players use keyboard commands.  These are keystrokes like A, B, C, Ctrl+R, Alt+F4, etc.  All these different keyboard strokes are shortcuts for the programs.  'C' for instance is a key you can press that brings up the context menu in KODI that opens a menu containing various options (other shortcuts) to access in KODI.  I use the scroll button to navigate and select an option.  Yes, the up, down, left, right, and enter buttons are each a keystroke.  That same 'C' key controls other software when they are in focus such as the general menu in MPC-HC/BE, and the general menu in PowerDVD for example.  If the 'C' key does not match another software to bring up its menu, you can change that keymap.  So for example, if MPC-HC opens a subtitle menu or whatever when you press 'C' (instead of the general menu you want to match as it does with other players), you can change whatever exists incorrectly (say it has 'Alt + C' to access the general menu) you simply edit it to 'C'.  Now when you press 'C' on any (hopefully all) your software like KODI, PDVD, MPC-HC/BE etc., they will all open their general menus when they are in focus only.  In focus only so that when you press 'C', they don't all open their menus simultaneously - just the software in focus.  I do this for all the commands various software offer.  Some offer more control than others so their keystrokes are exclusive.  Because keystrokes are exclusive to each software and many of them are not globally the same, some editing is required to match all the software as best as possible.  I did this for the software discussed in this thread and provided pictures with those edits so others don't have to.  It will literally save you days of pulling your hair out.

We don't want to use a keyboard (but you can - or a mouse).  We want to use a remote control that mimics pressing keys and combinations of them by pressing a button on the remote that equates to pressing 'C' on a keyboard and all the other keys and combos.  So, we use a learning remote.  I use a Harmony.  The Harmony offers a software to set it up.  I plug the USB of my remote into my PC and start its software.  I assign 'C' to one of the keys on the remote and save it to reflect that change.  Now when I press that button on my remote, it's just like pressing it on my keyboard.  It sends this button press through my HP USB IR Receiver plugged into my HTPC and passes the command to whatever software is in focus.  It reacts and that is that.  However you go about editing your remote is up to you.  If it's simply an XP era Media Center remote, it has very few buttons.  You only have so many to work with before you run out.  So, assign what you can and call it good.  This is why many folks opt for an expensive programable remote.  They don't want to fumble with lots of remotes - just one.  They have lots and lots of functions they want to access in all the software and need a lot of hard buttons and soft buttons to work with.  Finding common keystrokes lessens the amount of buttons required since being common, no additional buttons are needed for each separate software.  Just exclusives.

Logitech went the extra mile for setting up their Harmony remotes.  In the software you can add devices.  These devices have the corresponding keystrokes already figured out for you so you don't have to figure them out yourself.  For instance, the KODI Wiki has every keystroke listed and what they control in KODI.  When adding 'XMBC' as a device, all these keystrokes are pre- edited into the remote for you.  PowerDVD is another device you can add although its keystrokes will be different for some of the keys than the ones for KODI.  This is where you want to edit those unmatched keystrokes to be common.  These edits are what I provided and not just for PDVD and KODI.  They include the players and software also.  Some of those edits have to be done in the player/software settings.  MPC-HC/BE allows you to edit them.  So does madVR, etc.  

If you type the name of the device in the Harmony software, chances are it's there - especially hardware devices like your AVR or TV.  Some keen folks wrote their own devices for the Logitech database.  Media Center SE is one.  So is Media Center Keyboard.  This adds a couple more (virtual devices) - A common command for PC's and a mimicked actual keyboard.  Within them are advanced keys you can program to match existing keystrokes in software, especially software that does not allow editing what they assigned.  Windows for example recognizes Alt+F4.  You would simply use the device that has Alt+F4 mapped.  That device would be Media Center SE.  So, in the Harmony software you would use device Media Center SE.  You would assign its command for Alt+F4 to perhaps the 'Exit' key on your remote.  Now anytime a software is in focus, when you want to kill it (just as you would using the Alt+F4 keystrokes on your keyboard, the 'Exit' key on your remote would do the exact same thing.

If you don't have a decent learning remote, I suggest you obtain one.  It simplifies everything and reduces remote clutter.  Afaik, Flirc is never going to do what a learning remote does.  I suppose it provides some control using what you have to work with.  I doubt it's going to help much with advanced use as we do here.  All of the above is simply controlling the HTPC - playback for the most part.  A decent remote goes beyond that, at least for me.  It automates 50 button presses into 1, like turning on your system and adjusting each hardware and its software to an activity.  The difference between watching a movie from KODI or turning on your favorite TV show from your cable box.  It controls my lighting and many appliances throughout my home using X-10 modules and the likes.  One day I'll have it fetch me a cold one without leaving the couch.

PDVD or FAB for UHD HDR?  That is your choice.  The guide lists the differences.  I prefer FAB v.3 simply because I don't have the special hardware PDVD requires and only when I desire menus.  But we are all unique.  I want 3D menus too.  FAB v.3 doesn't offer 3D, so I need PDVD.  Otherwise, MPC does a fine job of main movie only.  Imo, the quality difference is not great when using 4k.  Lower resolutions are a different story.  Hope this helps you.

thx for the lengthy explanation. However we talked cross purposes here :-)

I know that command are tied to keytrokes&shortcuts and once those shortcuts are uniform I can control all program equally. I also know how aHamrony works becuase for one I have one left and I also have a Control4 system which can learn any code I want and can do more than a Harmony - so that is not where I am struggeling.

With my understanding I was struggling here with how Windows handles IR receivers:
"It sends this button press through my HP USB IR Receiver plugged into my HTPC and passes the command to whatever software is in focus. " -  is what I was missing here. So so with "my HTPC" you mean Windows just deals wit the MCE IR code and passes the keypress on to the Window which is currently in focus - great, I can do that easily!
I was assuming you use a windows program where I need to map a "key press" to every IR code I use and then create different profiles of IR-codes with mapped keys for every program I use.

looks dooble, now I only have to find a program that plays HDR on AMD GPU :-)
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