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I've mentioned the Windows Audio Properties bug many times since it's inception many moons ago:  I've been editing the nVidia driver installation to workaround it.  You'll notice it also doesn't auto switch from stereo to multichannel when you turn the AVR off/on and vice versa.  Folks told me not to turn the AVR off and to me that's ridiculous.  You'll also notice when the AVR is off, and it's stuck on 7.1 (multichannel) you can't play videos such as youtube unless you manually switch it to stereo.  Here's what to do:

Driver 416.94 is problematic for 3D using MPC-BE but not other players.  It reduces the player resized to upper left corner.  I use 416.81 at the moment.  Hopefully the driver and the player coordinate again some time in the future.  Don't use 24 bit 96000 Hz.  Use 24bit 48000.  Download nVidia driver version 388.59.  This is the last working audio driver bug free.  Every version after this is broken. 

Create a 'new folder' on your desktop. 
Unzip the driver installation to 'new folder' on your desktop. 
Don't install driver once it is done examining your PC. 
Copy 'HD Audio' folder from 'new folder' you just unzipped to your desktop and save it for future driver installs. 
Delete 'new folder'. 
Create a new 'new folder'. 
Download v.416.81 and unzip it to your new 'new folder'.  It will examine your PC and ask to start the installation.  Don't. 
When it pauses, RENAME 'new folder' to something different. 
Replace the 'HD Audio' folder with the one you saved earlier. 
Cancel the installation.  Now the 416.81 unzipped install folder won't auto delete because you renamed it midstream installation. 
Run the setup.exe in your folder that now has the old but working 'HD Audio'.
Once installation is complete, audio problem will be fixed.
After using the edited install folder, it will never work again after using it once.  If you screw something up, you'll have to do it over again.  Same with next time you update unless they fix the audio driver.  But save that working HD Audio folder you extracted in step one to speed things up next time.
All of this is already covered in the guide.

There is no "catch" regarding KODI resizing after resolution switch 2160p vs 1080p.  This too I have mentioned many times, many places, including this guide.  If there is a "catch", it's trying to apply this method to unofficial versions of KODI.  Same with skins.  Only skins contained within KODI repo work properly with the exception of Silvo's NOX v.5 for KODI LEIA v.18 which I use with no problems.  All other skins resize KODI and yes I've tried just about every one of them.  All of these failures claim to be LEIA ready.  They aren't. 

You may need to 'use a fullscreen window' in KODI settings.  I do.  I don't think it matters anymore but I continue to use it.  I know this setting is problematic for unofficial versions of KODI.  Oh well.  Also set all your other players to use a fullscreen window.  This resizing bug 1st appeared with the Alpha LEIA release.  It has since been fixed.  It's very easy to replicate:  Set your GPU to 2160p and open KODI.  It too will match your GPU desktop 2160p.  While KODI is open, change your GPU desktop setting to 1080p (just as if you matched resolution for a 3D title).  Then switch back to 2160p (just as if your 3D title just ended and matched resolution is returning you back to 2160p).  Or simply play a 3D title.  You'll notice KODI has resized and is probably unresponsive.  Windows will throw up an error report.

Your 1st mistake is using 1080p desktop and KODI GUI.  Use 2160p for every setting in everything.  This is why you have a 4k display.  Why on earth would you set it to 1080p?  You're setting things up for disaster, which you have.  Whitelist 2160p in LEIA, no others.  Match refresh rate in KODI so VideoPlayer will auto match resolutions.  Match resolutions in PDVD and FAB using their settings.  DO NOT use any resolution matching in MPC or any other madVR compatible players.  Let madVR control it and only madVR.  Enter the values I supplied in the guide so madVR knows what it can switch to.  Don't add any others.  There may be other things you need to conform with but I can't guess any other mistakes you may be making.  My suggestion is to follow the guide before declaring issues using this method.  HDR indeed works 1st time every time in every player and survives a reboot.  It doesn't for you because you've altered the method used here.  It isn't due to the method and it isn't an "issue".

Again, all of this is covered in the guide.  I just replied to you 5 posts up, 1 post up in your reply, regarding your improper resolution settings and here we are again.  You didn't follow directions or you skipped right past them?  I'm not trying to be a jackass but, this post just took an hour to reply to... again.  I'm not singling you out btw.  It's all too common.  I don't mind really.  I like helping people but you guys have to help yourselves too.  If for some reason(s) you have to alter this method, detail why so I or another can help you adjust.  Don't assume we'll just know. 

I try to be detailed so as not to be vague and skip the obvious thinking you'll just know.  Lately this method has been labeled "Frankenstein" because it is involved to new users and there are many ways to screw it up.  If folks follow directions, (I've no idea how to be any clearer or how many more pictures, files, code, etc., I should post but I'm open for suggestions), I see no reason why it wouldn't work for everyone else.  It's not very rewarding either.  This is a thankless hobby myself and others openly share so enthusiasts can enjoy as we do.  We've done the trials and errors for you so that you don't have to in order to show you 'it can be done'.  Our only reward is taking pride in what we accomplish and pass it on freely.  I can't remember the last time this thread was star rated or folks showed appreciation with a stupid rep point to each other and I don't just mean myself. 

Maybe I read into peoples words wrong but it's offensive to claim things don't work correctly here, that there are issues, and then conclude you figured out a fix for these things.  If indeed things I didn't catch were brought to attention (and there has been), I acknowledge and we work on it until it's remedied.  Sometimes I think erroneous things are posted simply to sabotage the thread.  I should take into account perhaps it's just very confusing for some folks and it's a miracle you guys make any headway and I'm obliged to help you out.  I've no problem with that.  Anyway, enough with psych 101.  Carry on.

Btw, I updated my madVR settings.bin yesterday and shared the update in the guide you can easily download as before.  This works well for my GTX 960 4GB that I've still found no reason to upgrade and is a good starting point for other GPU's imo.  It contains all profiles, codes, adjustments, etc., I use.  Just remove my 'Display' and use yours with my displays settings.  Replicate those in that category.  Fine tune to your preferences if you desire.  Enjoy!
HOW TO - Kodi 2D - 3D - UHD (4k) HDR Guide Internal & External Players
W10/1909 MPC-BE\HC PDVD19 DVDFab3&5 KODI 19 PotPlayer 960-4GB/RGB 4:4:4/Desktop=60Hz/Video=Matched Refresh rates 8/12bit/65JS8500 UHD HDR 3D
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