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(2019-06-23, 03:31)brazen1 Wrote: Way back when, nVidia color space changed the ability to survive a reboot with further driver updates.  You are not alone.  Everyone had the same experience.  I'm pretty sure it still works with driver 385.28.  Only problem is, with Windows O/S updates (most likely the latest 1903) driver 385.28 has went bonkers for me.  It used to work really good but I've been using a newer driver for quite some time so I don't exactly what caused it to break.  Funny you mention this... for the heck of it I tried 385.28 a couple times this month.  It was only recently I realized old faithful isn't so faithful anymore.  In my case, turning my Denon AVR off reverts the entire driver install to limited and I'm always set to RGB.  I can set back to RGB but the next time the AVR toggles on/off, it resets to limited.  I can no longer use 385.28.  The same may not be true for others but that's my experience.

About 8bit and 12bit:  Most panels only handle 10bit.  12bit can dither down to 10bit.  Nvidia doesn't offer 10bit.  The difference between 8bit and 10bit I can't notice.  The higher the bit, the more likely you will introduce banding.  I get banding using 12bit dithered to 10.  In conclusion and imo, fighting for 10/12bit vs using 8bit isn't worth the paper it's written on. 

I have a script I used a long time ago for toggling refresh rates such as 60Hz to 24Hz and used it with QRes back when drivers had problems.  Maybe you can edit it for a color space addition to the resolution change if you find it worthwhile.  I think you could add it to the .bats to automate it.  Honestly I don't want to hassle with it again.  The first time was enough.  Pretty certain it's in the guide someplace but here it is again for you to modify if its even doable:

(function() {
       var refreshRate = 0;
       // Get current refresh rate
       var wmiService = GetObject('WinMgmts://./root/cimv2');
       refreshRate = new Enumerator(
           wmiService.ExecQuery('SELECT * FROM Win32_VideoController WHERE Availability <> 8')
       if (typeof refreshRate != 'number' || refreshRate === 0) {
           WScript.Echo('Duh. Cannot determine current refresh rate.');
       } else {
           // Run QRes.exe to change refresh rate
           var fs = new ActiveXObject('Scripting.FileSystemObject');
           var shell = new ActiveXObject('WScript.Shell');
               fs.GetParentFolderName(WScript.ScriptFullName), 'QRes.exe')
               ) + ' /x 3840 /y 2160 /r:' + (refreshRate >= 59 ? 24 : 60), 0, true);

If you look around in the links in the guide, you should find some madVR profiles I shared for 8bit and 10bit automated selections.  I think there's screenshots of all of it in addition to the madVR .bin you can d/l to save you all the manual work.  I still use the profiles from time to time.  Keep in mind the settings have to match the entire chain else it will default to lowest bit.  For example you can tell madVR how to handle the bits but if your GPU is set to 8bit you're never going to render anything higher.  Here is the profile code you're looking for and you can edit to fit your needs:  

If (deintFps <= 30) "10-bit"
 else "8-bit"
I said fuqit and went back to 385.28   this just gets too much for me anymore with kids and the ole lady
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