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OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi (Kodi 16.0)
(2015-08-14, 07:46)Heiko123 Wrote:
(2015-08-14, 02:29)zaphod24 Wrote: Same freezing issues when using FF to skip 1 minute ~10 times with 0813 as with 0812. With no overclock and force_turbo=1 it doesn't seem to happen, or at least not as often. Not sure what that means or what additional testing or logs I can provide.

Edit: Once again, disabing MMAL-Advanced deinterlacing and changing back to Auto seems to eliminate playback and seeking issues.

Did you get a freezing, within a reboot or only freezes and you can press the "STOP" Button and you see the recorded list again ?

Because, I have had this problem within one of the latest updates:
- Skip and Reverse from H264 Channel all OK
- Skip within a mpg2 channel I get a "freeze" and with "STOP" I get back to list. (I thought I have a network problem, but now ...)

What I dont know is, is it on all mpeg recordings or only on it with a switch from audio/video format between film and advertising.

The freezes I am getting are the kind that are only corrected with a reboot. Even then, I end up having to pull the power. After the freeze occurs (which includes any SSH sessions I have going) I am able to log back on with SSH, but running results in hang that I can only cancel with ctrl-c. I've tried overclocking, no overclocking, force_turbo=1, disable_auto_turbo=1. The only thing that doesn't eventually result in a freeze while skipping/seeking in a video is to change deinterlacing from MMAL-Advanced back to Auto (which is Bob). My content is typically live or recorded TV in mpeg2 1080i60 format. The issue with skipping/seeking does not involve program to advert or advert to program transitions as it is reproducible just by seeking in the program itself before any adverts.
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