RPi2 Limited color range? White clipping
Just received an RPi2 today, and In installed OpenElec 5.95.2 (Kodi 15 Beta 2)

I had my TV calibrated for my previous media player, I prefer 16 to at least 244 be showing.

The RPi2 is only outputting 16-234, is it possible to adjust/edit this configuration? I'd like to display above white.
TV controls do not get around this as the RPi2 is only outputting 16-234.

I am using the same input and cabling as the previous media player that had a much larger range.
I've seen this problem mentioned by a few others elsewhere on the net, but never a solution.

Is the RPi2 capable of outputting a higher range?

I am familiar with SSH and editing linux text files if needed.
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RPi2 Limited color range? White clipping - by J_E_F_F - 2015-07-06, 23:34

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