Intel VAAPI howto with Leia v18 nightly based on Ubuntu 18.04 server
(2015-09-02, 07:05)fritsch Wrote: The provided imgs for OE work perfectly on BSW as does the official beta 5.95.4. Those imgs were used in most public reviews.

5.0.4 was never meant to run on BSW. It was released when BSW did not exist at all.

Hi Fritsch just a quick question concerning the OFFICIAL Beta 5.95.4 of openelec.
Did you or fernetmeta include the Last Results in this Beta too ?
I thought the Inventionen based on this Thread here were only included on the Test-Version from Page 1...

By the way.. i' m Running a N3050 Asrock Mainboard here based on the openelec version here With some Interlaced TV channels ..... With nearly no big power consumption (around 15w with a 3tb Hd and a SSD). TV channels will be SERVED by an externen Sat-IP Server (4 Tuner, Grundig dsi400) . This could be my final TV Client here for

After 4 days of testingi Must say it ist Rock solid and the MCDI Interlacing gives a Perfect picture , zapplig Is fast aus hell too...less than 1s !!!!!!

Hope that this will find the way into stable Release 6 of openelec at the end ?

Regards arel

P.s i Worte this Text with my iPad...Auto Spellimg is a mightmare and i have no idea how to Switch it Off ? on a iOS machine...stupid me.

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