Intel VAAPI howto with Leia v18 nightly based on Ubuntu 18.04 server
(2016-02-15, 21:03)fritsch Wrote: As he had the issue with 4.3 before I am not so sure, but worth a try.

Should I try to go back to an older pre-4.3 Kernel? I've filed at bug at

I tried with my old HTPC box, a Gigabyte Brix also using Intel HD graphics (but old, HD2000) using the same HDMI cable and that also works fine.

I rebooted and accessed the BIOS on my old TV then connected it to the new TV. I can see the BIOS but again only if I connect to the old TV first. There is nothing relevant there about video settings anyhow (only to use onboard graphics or PCI but I have no PCI).

I've checked the television manual There aren't specific settings for connecting to a PC. There is a PC mode for each HDMI input but that seems to only adjust a few picture settings and everything else displays fine.

[update] I purchased a DVI to HDMI adaptor and tried through my DVI port on the HTPC. Exactly the same issue as through HDMI.

Next steps:
1. My HDMI cables are 1.4 I guess. Would it be worth trying a HDMI 2.0 cable?
2. Drastic but would purchasing a graphics card such as something from nVidia and trying to connect through it possibly help (even when I can't see the BIOS screen)?

This one has me totally baffled. I keep thinking its at a hardware level somewhere otherwise the BIOS and grub screens should display but then I'm no expert on any of this.

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