Intel VAAPI howto with Leia v18 nightly based on Ubuntu 18.04 server
(2016-03-03, 07:15)n2vwz Wrote: .198 is working well. I don't have any issues. The Intel drivers provide noticeable improvements in picture quality, but, going forward, please be aware that a programmable KODI startup delay is required for both wired as well as wireless connections. I struggled with missing NAS shares for almost a year before discovering the startup delay that fixed the problem.

Are there any Kodi 17 builds available for testing? The only thing that I found is a KODI 16 Beta:

I'm not understanding what you need a startup delay for, if not to wait for the network to come online. How are you mounting these NAS shares that they aren't available automatically once Kodi is started? The 'wait for network' delay setting isn't designed to wait a set amount of time without condition; if that's what you need (which I'm not understanding why you do) then there's likely a more appropriate way to implement that.

also, there are Kodi 17 builds by fritsch in the 2nd post of this thread, and also in Milhouse's testing thread (also stickied in this forum).

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