- An Open Cocktail Database with API
Just another project I have been messing around with for a few years and never really released...



What is it?
Its an open online database of cocktail recipes. There are many other sites online but none offered a nice API, so I wrote one myself

How to use it with Kodi?
You don't yet... but there is a very simple JSON API that any developer can use to write a simple add-on. The vision is to be able to use Kodi in my kitchen/bar area to look up cocktail recipes with the remote. Hopefully a developer will jump on board and write the add-on (*Cough* Enen if you want a new project Wink).

Many years ago there was a plugin for Meedio called the barback script. It had lots of cocktail recipes and I missed it. I also have a big bar in my apartment Wink

The online site can currently only accept user images. Adding new cocktails may come in the future depending on demand. I've already imported a load of them. There are also a load of missing ingredient pictures but I will add those over time.

How can I help?
At the moment, try uploading pictures of the cocktails you make. There are 3,000+ cocktails that need images 700x700 pixels in size.

I might introduce food recipes at some point which could be very cool for a kitchen based HTPC.
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