XBMC 12.3 (Frodo) + Win 10: Broken SMB Shares
I actually came across this issue differently and have a theory. I'm running Windows 10, upgraded from Windows 8.1, using a local account. Everything worked perfectly fine.

Then, my wife asked me if I could record "something", which requires recording a stream. I know Windows 10 comes with built-in screen recording via the Xbox app. Unfortunately, the Xbox app needs you to login with a Microsoft account. But it doesn't really establish that by logging into the app, you are actually changing your computer login account from a local to a Microsoft account. The only evidence you get of this is when it asks you for your local account password. But it doesn't make it clear that you're actually messing with your computer login.

Now, the Xbox app does an awesome job recording, but it's limited to 2 hours max. Still, it works really well. Of course, once I rebooted the computer, that's when I realized the problem as the computer wouldn't auto-login. Easy enough fix. And Kodi worked just fine. Until I tried to mark something as watched, which failed. And then I discovered the same errors in the log files regarding authentication. No changes to Kodi would make this work properly. I could still access the sources just fine from within Kodi, and watch whatever I wanted to, but I couldn't change the watch status or get rid of these errors. The only solution was to remove the shares on the computer (not tied to Kodi, I had them just setup for accessing the shares from Windows infrequently) and reboot.

So my theory is that the way Windows stores credentials for Windows shares is different depending on whether it's a local account or Microsoft account. And this conflicts with how Kodi access SMB.

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