XBMC 12.3 (Frodo) + Win 10: Broken SMB Shares
I'm in the same boat as nokatze. I'm running OSMC on a Raspberry Pi B+ and Windows10. I've tried everything i can think of and / or Google and i'm still getting wonky behavior. To be more specific if i add a video source i can browse and see my shared folders just fine; the problem being is that *usually* they don't show the contents being about a dozen or so video files. If something does show up its usually the first three items in the folder which, incidently, i am able to play back fine from the movie library section even whilst getting the 'invalid argument could not connect to network store' message when navigating the videos > files section. There was one brief, shining moment where everything showed up properly in the videos section and then a moment later it was gone, meaning the videos > files > shared folder contents were once again blank and i was bombarded by 'argument invalid' errors. Now the interesting part is if i continuously select the shared folder from the UI i will usually get 'invalid argument' message, however if i just keep selecting it i'll either get an empty folder or i'll get the first three, and at one point, four items from the list which i can play back.

So on the OSMC side here are the paths that i've tried, and honestly they mostly all have the same 'works some of the time but not usually' result, although interestingly if something makes it into the 'movie' library I can *always* play it back-

smb://hostname/Videos/ (this path occurs when using browse rather than manual entry)
smb://user:[email protected]/Users/Me/Videos/
smb://user:[email protected]/Videos/

As i write this i'm realizing i never tried a fully qualified path so i'll probably try that tonight. Something like-
smb;//user:[email protected]/C:/Users/Me/Videos/

Now over to the Windows side-
1. Create Homegroup
2. Join Homegroup
3. Create local user
4. Share folders, the go into advanced sharing on the folder and tick off the 'Share this folder' box
5. Increase IRPStackSize in registry (key didn't exist, had to add, made the value 15 or thereabouts)
6. Increase size parameter from 1 to 3 in registry

Things i haven't done as they seem silly although i might later on tonight just to see what happens-
1. Disable firewall
2. Disable defender

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