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I'm looking to build a small and cheap PVR and Kodi box and can't decide between the RPi2 or the Odroid C1+.

What I want to do immediately:
  • PVR backend (likely tvheadend) to record one or two ATSC channels to a network drive (Netgear WNDR4700 router with internal drive)
  • PVR backend will serve frontend on same device and maybe one computer/tablet simultaneously, I've only got one TV
  • PVR frontend through Kodi (likely tvheadend)
  • Play personal videos from network drive, mostly H.264 1080p
  • Control the setup with my Logitech Harmony Hub/Connect, probably through a usb bluetooth dongle for speed/stability

I am totally new to Kodi so I don't quite comprehend all the amazing things it can do yet, but have been reading the build forums like crazy the past week. I don't have a big library of stuff to play (where do you guys even get this stuff? Lots of ripping old purchased stuff and/or torrenting?) So the relevance of the points in the great RPi2 vs C1+ comparison by wrxtasy and my other concerns are:
  • I'm not a linux pro and the RPi2 has a way bigger community with more how to's to make sure I don't bork things
  • Deinterlacing does bother me so that would go towards the C1+ hardware deinterlacing, especially when acting as both a PVR frontend and backend.
  • DVRing two channels while playing one or two channels would be a lot of throughput for the RPi2's single USB bandwidth
  • Don't need CEC since I've got the Harmony
  • No idea if I'll be playing/streaming HEVC, where is it starting to show up?
  • I only have a 2.1 setup, so I assume the multichannel and HD audio differences are moot. I would run audio through HDMI to TV then from TV to receiver using optical. The TV only outputs 2.0 over the optical passthrough so hopefully it can sort out whatever the RPi2/C1+ send it or I can set them to output 2.0 only.
  • I have a 3D TV, but barely watch 3D so I figure I can just use the smart TV's DLNA to play 3D if I get the C1+
  • I'll likely be using ethernet so no WiFi dongles
  • Hopefully whatever USB ATSC tuners I get will work with the C1+ with only kernel in wrxtasy's great looking OpenELEC build, according to the linuxtv list, the most common KWorld UB435-Q has a newer V3 that might only work with 3.16.xx...
  • With the RPi2 overclocked for deinterlacing, can I run multiple USB tuners on it without an external USB power hub?
  • I could run Android and play games on the C1+ too, but might not be worth it as it might take more time for me that I want to spend, doesn't seem like I can just log into my Google account and download the games I have already bought on my phone.

I haven't built linux machines before but have a little experience mucking around with Terminal on my Mac so I'm a bit concerned about this project eating too much of my limited time. So I like the RPi2 for the seemingly rock solid build, massive community with beginner friendly docs, easier to repurpose if it doesn't work out. I like the C1+ for the likely smoother running interface and CPU headroom, better power management, and possible Android. It's not much money so I might just buy the RPi2 and make sure I can get it running properly and if it isn't fast enough, I just save the Pi for another project and put the parts on a C1+, but might get grief from the wife on buying one more board just waiting for a project Tongue...

Any advice from those experienced with similar builds?

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