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(2016-02-12, 19:22)Don Grimme Wrote: I have had (and continue to enjoy) the Minix X8-H Plus for a year now. I'm thinking that it's time for me to upgrade. My sole interest is as a Kodi-playing device, so many of the features of the nVidia Sheild (e.g., gaming and Netflix) would be wasted on me ... as would the new Minix NGC-1 (which seems more of an office PC than a media streaming box). [FYI: I do care about high-resolution video and 5.1 surround sound, but not about 3D or Atmos surround.] And I have neither the skills nor the inclination to open up and tweak the components or firmware of things like NUCs and Cromeboxes. The Minix U1 seems to be the obvious choice. Is there any reason I should consider something else? I don't have money to waste, but I am willing to pay extra for the best (for my purposes).

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