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(2016-02-17, 02:33)benjidave Wrote: Do you guys recommend the new upcoming Odroid C2 over wetek core? I'll only use OpenElec on it (yes I need HEVC), nothing else. It seems to be more futureproof with real 4k support/hdmi 2.0.

C2 seems to be the right choice, no?
All depends on your needs. If you think you need 10-bit, then you get a 10-bit box. Thats a given.
4K HEVC, is still in its infancy. You won't get 4K Netflix or even 1080p Netflix out of the C2. For those you will need a nVIDIA Shield or a WeTek Core only with AML.

The other big elephant in the room is the new form of copy protection on UHD BluRay discs and available 10-bit 4K HEVC content. Its not going to be a simple matter of running Ripping software over UHD discs for extraction to your home library. This is not possible till the keys get cracked. I don't think it's going to be at all easy this time around. Although surprises do happen.

All of these cheap 10-bit AML devices have very immature Firmware. By that I mean the Kernel code is a mess. Changes to video modes that breaks Kodi compatibility, refresh switching is not working on some devices, 24p does not work properly. Even basic english spelling mistakes in the Kernel code that makes stuff non functional has to be tracked down. 23.976fps movies played at 60Hz on the C2 works, the rest is hit and miss. That's what you get for $40 at the moment.

I do know however one talented Android developer that has fixed all that and is producing results on S905's that will surprise a few people. That device has not been announced yet.

OpenELEC at the moment on the C2 is a very rough WIP. The new 64bit ARM needs a bunch of patches and code changes to get it to work properly. Then the Kernel code will need attention next. The OE guys are on to it.
Ask the same question again in month after more progress has been made.


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