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(2016-04-16, 18:55)mmesh Wrote:
(2016-04-16, 16:53)wrxtasy Wrote: Yes Price would be a good starting point ?
I would probably be willing to go up to 200EUR.

(2016-04-16, 16:53)wrxtasy Wrote: Otherwise I recommended 8-bit HEVC Hardware decoding on an AMLogic device such as the WeTek Core, which will also do 7.1 HD Audio passthrough. A pretty solid choice.

Also the 8/10-bit 4K HEVC ODROID C2 is coming along nicely now a whole bunch of features have been added to LibreELEC. (minimal fast Linux OS + Kodi). 5.1 Audio passthrough here. Pretty new device.

Further up the 8/10-bit 4K food chain you have the HEVC capable Android King the nVIDIA Shield.
Depends if you are are loaded with $$ or not.

All three will do HDMI-CEC control.
So, this Android devices have enough processing power to run HEVC video and maybe some more heavy Kodi UI without a hitch?
And... does nVidia Shield also pass through DTS-HD and dolby multichannel HD audio?

I had a Wetek play box for some time but I was not satisfied with UI reponsivness. Everything was kind of laggy. Full HD x264 played fine though...

None of these devices are underpowered when running Android or OpenELEC / LibreELEC like the WeTek Play was.
The nVIDIA Shield will be very nippy. Its a whole different ballgame when running Android Lollipop or Marshmallow too.

Read the First 2 Posts of this thread, all the specific Tech detail is in there for Hardware devices from Manufacturers that provide good support. Everything is Hyperlinked too for easy point and click to read yourself.

That way I will not have to repeat myself Wink

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