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What are interlaced DVD's again ? Wink

If you want a cheap HDMI 2.0, 1080p/4K and 8/10-bit HEVC Hardware decoding in a speedy package running LibreELEC then the C2 is where it is at. You are going to run into a 1080p HEVC software decoding limitations sooner rather than later with a RPi3.
Yes there are a few rough edges, such as no support for old Interlaced DVD, but regular movie DVD Rips work. Audio will only be 5.1 too.

Speed wise I would say this is the order: RPi2 < C1+ < RPi3 < C2.
All running either OpenELEC or LibreELEC.
The C2 is very snappy especially one with a eMMC 5.0 Flash Storage card. Power up to main Kodi screen is ~ 12 seconds.

Yes the RPi3 will have the best support for any Kodi box period. Its a very mature product now, the RPi series of Kodi devices. I just wish it had of been released with 2016 Hardware Tech specs.

The AML S905 SoC, like you see in the C2 will get a whole lot of developer support, both in Android and OpenELEC / LibreELEC going forward as WeTek are about to release their S905 line of products as well. Any minor annoyances now will likely get fixed reasonably soon for this chipset.

Coming down the pipe is the S905 WeTek Hub I'm beta testing now. This product will put the cat in amongst the cheap Kodi pigeons. It will be very popular I predict if it launches around the same price as a complete RPi3 Kit.


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