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(2016-07-01, 15:46)Stereodude Wrote: Is the RPi 3 running LibreELEC the way to go for a low cost Kodi device for audio only playback of FLAC, AAC, MP3 from a password protected SMB 3.x network share over either HDMI or SPDIF output (a device that has one or both options is fine for me)? Or, is there something notable to be gained from a device like the Odroid C2 with the eMMC option? I've used Chromboxes or equivalent 2957U devices so far, but I'm looking for a less expensive option with no fan.

I'm asking because it's not really addressed in this thread (that I saw)...

For music the Pi is definitely the way to go - particularly if you have any multichannel FLAC (the C2 doesn't output multichannel PCM, unlike the Pi which does). You won't get SPDIF output without using either an I2S or USB solution if you go the SPDIF route though.

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