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(2016-07-08, 00:46)lords8n Wrote: Hello All,

I'm looking for some insight in replacing/upgrading my aging HTPC.

My current hardware setup:
Win7 HTPC running WMC with a 6 tuner Ceton card for PVR duty (.wtv files, No DRM) streamed out to 3 Xbox360's running WMC plugin (hardwired Cat6).
8 TB NAS with movies (mostly .mp4 and .mkv @ 720 and 1080), TV shows (.mp4 and .wtv @ 720 and 1080).

I've been using this setup since 2010 and have gotten my wife and kids accustomed to it. As I'm sure you know, MS was nice enough to kill support for WMC last year, which has left me looking for a viable replacement ever since. I'd like to keep as much of my existing hardware as possible, so I'm planning on using my Win7/WMC HTPC as a backend for LiveTV/PVR, using ServerWMC to stream LiveTV to Kodi throughout the house and my existing NAS setup for movies, etc. I've been tinkering with Kodi on both a Win7 Laptop (2.4ghz i5, 4gb RAM) & Nexus 6 Android phone (both using Wifi) and I believe Kodi (with Aeon Nox 5 skin and a few addons) will fit my needs while keeping the WAF high.

Based on reviews and specs, I think an RPi3 running OpenELEC or OSMC will work well as a media player/TV frontend for my setup, but obviously the Rpi3 specs differ greatly from the hardware I've been testing on. Before I take the plunge and purchase the Rpi3, I'm wondering if anyone here has any experience with using the Rpi3 in a similar setup. Will the Rpi3 running Kodi be able to handle the LiveTV streams from ServerWMC? I've read and searched through the forum but couldn't find much about this, so any help/insight is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Check out MDL forums for WMC hack to add it to newer OSes

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