START HERE - Pick the Right Kodi Box (updated Dec 2020)
Proper DRM + Sky Go + 5.1 DD + Optical Output on an Android device = WeTek Play2 or WeTek Core.

And as the Sky Go App uses Android Touch control, you need an RF Wireless Air Mouse remote control = the excellent WeTek Core's remote.

As per the limitations in Post#2, the WeTek Core cannot playback 10bit HEVC (H265), but other than that you will be good to go. Smile

EDIT However there are conflicting reports of no HD video playback with Sky Go and the WeTek Core:

Sky Go I believe uses Microsoft Playready DRM, and the only device that has that is the WeTek Play2 with its optical out. So a seperate RF Air Mouse would have to be purchased as well.

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