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(2016-11-13, 20:30)wrxtasy Wrote: I would strongly suggest using Wife Friendly, remote control friendly, Big Screen TV friendly Apps on a nVIDIA Shield.
No need to stuff around with unfriendly web browsers to view things such as Netflix and Spotify.

You can side load a (Sony TV) Amazon (Prime) Instant Video App for HD playback and 5.1 Audio to cover that too.

TV is covered as well:

And then there is this coming:

Hmmmm, I thought those were much more expensive than they are (currently $250 on Amazon) which is not much different than what it would cost me to build an Intel NUC after purchasing the SSD and RAM. And I can set up all my sources (Netflix, Amazon, HDHomerun, Kodi, etc) via app installs, am I understanding you correctly? Do you have this setup yourself?

Cause if that's the case, it seems a no-brainer since you get a gaming console to boot! I looked at some of the games they have on the NVidia site, some are 'included' what does that mean? You play em for free as part of owning the device?

PS: Thanks a lot for your help, I basically check in on these forums every couple years when I need to upgrade or set something new up and there's always a bunch of new cool stuff to learn.

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