START HERE - Pick the Right Kodi Box (updated Dec 2020)
Hello. I practically subscribed to thank you for opening my eyes. I bought a Beelink GT1 TV box knowing what I am getting myself into. I really, really need Netflix and HBO Go running at fullHD (besides 4K video playback and H264/H265 HW decoding). I was also thinking about setting up a NAS by using an oDroid XU4, but this box could also replace the XU4.

Is the Himedia Q10 Pro really that good with Netflix/HBO and all others streaming apps? I could buy one today for Black Friday at a very good price, but I want to know for sure that streaming apps work as they should? Thank you for helping us to not throw out money away. I do not regret buying the GT1, I can sell it and recover my money.
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