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I was looking through this forum and saw a post about avoiding boxes from China. The TV box I have now is outdated has a 4.4 opperating system. That as I'm sure you know no longer works.I have an MXQ android TV box and as I found out today is from China. Which bummed me out after seeing that I should avoid boxes from China. The main reason it bummed me out is a bunch of my friend all have different boxes or sticks. Everyone of them and I like the box I have better then theirs. The main reason for this is the remotes that come with it. I have taken a little time today to looked around at different boxes and sticks today. But can't find any other then MXQ that come with this remote or even a similar remote. Q1 Do you know of any boxes/sticks that come with this remote or something very similar to it that is not from China(or that or that I don't need to avoid)? Also I am not very good with all the tech stuff I mean I was clueless about how to find out what opperating system my box ran on without help from Kodi on twitter. Q2 Would it be in my best interest to get a box/stick with the highest operating system available? Q3 Is there a couple of boxes/sticks that you would recomend?

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