START HERE - Pick the Right Kodi Box (updated Dec 2020)
(2017-07-28, 10:00)wrxtasy Wrote: @Rocker C, thx for that.

Yes the START HERE Post needed some Intel input. Smile
You might even want to write "Intel and AMD x86-64 computers" as AMD is still a good CPU as long as you also have a Nvidia GeForce GPU/card as well in that same computer. That is, do not discriminate based on CPU but only on GPU, because it is the GPU that contain the VPU Wink

(2017-07-28, 10:00)wrxtasy Wrote: Android - WeTek Hub & Play2 are also 4K Netflix certified Hardware. 4K Android TV Netflix works out of the box.
Maybe off-topic for this thread. but are you sure that they are 4K ("Ultra HD") certified by Netflix? They are not listed on their sites or ...however then again, Xiaomi Mi Box is not listed here either and it is even developed in official partnership with Google, see =>

I know that Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) and have Google's later Widevine Level 1 DRM certificates (most devices only come with Widevine Level 3 DRM certificates) , but even if it meets those software requirements and all the hardware requirements, Netflix still also has to get around to actually testing the device and adding it to their certified list of devices as well for the device to get the Netflix certificate too, and there is where it gets complexed, see =>

You can check Widevine DRM support with DRM Info app but checking Netflix certificate is more complicated. I know that the WeTek boxes do come with Widevine Level 1 DRM certificate support, but have they also been certified by Netflix? And if so why are their devices and Xiaomi Mi Box not listed on Netflix own sites?

PS: Another FYI that is deffinitly off-topic is that Netflix have confirmed that it is activly blocking all rooted/unlocked Andoid devices from getting updates via Google Play Store, and one can assume that this might lead to Netflix later also blocking playback on those Android devices, or maybe just move to blocking playback of HD and 4K on modified Android devices. See =>

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