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(2017-08-01, 10:48)whoistherealmonkey Wrote: Thanks wrxtasy,
my shield has arrived and its awesome.
How can I get free to air TV channels on it? Can I source them over the internet or do I still need my antenna? and another device to watch them through?
Very much depends on the country you are in.

In some countries - UK, Sweden, Denmark, Norway etc. - some broadcasters broadcast their main TV channels (that you'd get via an antenna, cable or satellite) via the internet, via their website and/or provide Android and Android TV apps to let you access these more easily (you can watch BBC services live within their iPlayer app for instance). Similarly some pay-TV providers - like Sky in the UK (with Sky Go and NowTV) offer access to channels you subscribe to via this route.

If you want to receive broadcast content via an antenna/aerial, then you need to do a bit of research as to the best solution for you (in some countries many OTA channels are pay-TV which makes things trickier) You can either use a network tuner (like the HD Homerun series from Silicon Dust) which I believe will integrated with Android / Android TV apps as well as being useable within Kodi if you run a PVR backend like TV Headend (easier implemented separately to the Shield - possibly on something like a Raspberry Pi), or you can use USB tuners with an external PVR backend (again running on something like a Raspberry Pi)

USB tuners are much cheaper and more plentifully available if you are in a DVB-T/T2 territory (Europe, Aus/NZ, large parts of Asia, some bits of South America) than if you are in an ATSC territory (US, Canada, Mexico, Korea) ISDB-T (used in much of South America and Japan) I'm less familiar with.

Quote:Also what is the best place to source kids games?

Google Play store?

Quote:lastly the best app to watch basketball? and world sports?

Again - it depends where you are. There won't be any discussion in these parts about watching illegally pirated 'Free Sports' streams - but many platform providers (Sky in the UK for instance) will have Android apps that let you watch the channels you subscribe to already, and some major sports providers let you bypass broadcast TV companies directly and subscribe directly with them to watch via their apps (MLB TV for US Baseball for instance?) Some broadcasters now additionally offer 'streaming only' subscriptions that let you watch sport online even if you don't have a subscription to their TV packages.

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