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I'm looking for a "all-in-one" android box, that covers the following needs / wishes:
  1. a must-have: Proper DRM support for streaming services like Netflix, DAZN and possibly others
  2. a must-have: Of course smooth Kodi support for local media playback using a USB-HDD or a NAS
  3. either built-in DVB-S2 tuner (prefered) or USB tuner for watching Free-to-Air TV + PVR functionality like timeshift, scheduled or instant recordings, EPG etc. using a USB-HDD or a NAS
  4. I'm not that much into audio in general, but I have a Logitech Z906 Home Theater 5.1 Surround Sound System, which I use sometimes and which is being connected via S/PDIF, I think. So it should be possible to use it with the new device
  5. a nice-to-have: An "open" enough device, that allows installation of alternative software, in case the original software is buggy / useless. Thinking of Ricardo's ATV ROM for WeTeks or LibreELEC, as example
  6. a nice-to-have: Dual boot possibility to use two or more different systems

So far I think that only WeTek Play 2 meets all this technically, and that's what I've been looking at all the time, but now I would like to check possible alternatives - if not the 1:1 ones, then the closest one by accepting some compromises.

Is WeTek Play 2 really the only device, that offers everything mentioned above or did I miss another one?

Heard about the MECOOL KIII PRO Hybrid box here and there, but it's not being discussed in this thread as far as I've seen, so it probably is considered as
Quote:[...]Dirt Cheap, Firmware unsupported, buggy Android Kodi Boxes from China (usually AMLogic).[...]
in the first post of this thread?

In case there isn't another all-in-one box apart from WeTek Play 2, it's about making compromises, I guess...

Starting with the first must-have thing from above (proper DRM support), these are the remaining candidates according to the first post, correct?
Quote:Q. I need a Kodi box that can play 1080p or 4K DRM copy protected video streams such as Netflix, HBO etc. ?
NOTE: 2.0 Audio only from DD+ DRM streaming Apps running on Android TV platforms, unless you have a DD+ connected Audio receiver.
1080p/4K Android Netflix is only possible on media players boxes that are Netflix Approved.
  • NVIDIA Shield (4K + HDR Netflix / HDR Amazon Video)
  • Xiaomi Mi Box (4K Netflix)
  • Amazon Stick/FTV1 + FTV2 (4K) (Amazon Video)
  • Intel / AMD x86-64 computers with GeForce GT 1030 or later Nvidia graphics card solution running Win10, using either dedicated Apps or a Web Browser.
  • WeTek's Core (audio is 2.0 only)
  • WeTek Hub & Play2 (4K Netflix - using Marshmallow Firmware)
  • Apple TV4

Following this thread since a while, I remember these comments about NVIDIA Shield:
- One of the fastest devices, resulting in a smooth Android and Kodi usage / performance
- Good software support
- After doing a quick search, I found some comments by users confirming that the DAZN app / service is working fine, which is important for me
- On their website they mention a recently introduced possibility to watch Live-TV either via some paid services or via the integration of USB-Tuners, if I understood it correctly

Is this correct so far?

Regarding the 1. point from my list above: DAZN is sorted. Any problems / limitations with Netflix? Now I also seem to remember the comments, that the shield is a Netflix approved box, meaning the best possible results?
Regarding the 2. point from my list above: aside from the great performance, are there any issues with Kodi on the shield?
Regarding the 3. point from my list above: USB tuners would be probably the way to go, right? Any intel / reviews / limitations / issues on this topic?
Regarding the 4. point from my list above: ??
Regarding the 5. point from my list above: ??
Regarding the 6. point from my list above: ??

Other comments on the shield I saw: "poor quality 1080p > 4K upscaling picture outputs from the NVIDIA Shield". That's probably not that critical, is it? Mostly people say to use the upscaling of the TV anyway... For me it would be something for the future anyway, because my TV is only HD ready, not even 1080p. On the other side I have some SD media still... Does this fact change anything?

Can't say anyting about the other 3 candidates in relation to my 6 requirements / wishes. Any of them close?

What about often mentioned problems like "Dynamic Refresh switching" or "Auto 1080p/4K resolution switching" etc. for all the candidates including the shield?

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