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Ha Ha the Mythical "all in one box"....everything is STILL a compromise...

Shield Known issues click here & limited OTA/Live TV Streaming & DVR/PVR options.

(1) 1080p/4K Netflix will definitely work on Shield and Play2 with 5.1 DD+ Audio over HDMI.
Unsure about DANZ. If its an Android tablet/touchscreen App. You would definitely need some sort of Air Mouse remote to use it (like the MINIX A2 Lite) and DANZ may not work properly on Android TV only platforms if its a tablet Android only App.
No idea about DANZ on the Play2, maybe read THIS - and even that is outdated due to Play2 running Marshmallow Firmware.

(2) Yes on Shield and Play2 - but smooth playback on the Play2 only if you use @ricardo's ROM / MM patches or LibreELEC Kodi Krypton.
LibreELEC Kodi Krypton is superior vs any Android Kodi on any platform.

(3) Be aware of these:

PVR use - single TV tuners will only allow you to watch and record at the same time from the same MUX (ie grouping of same specific TV Network channels).
Dual independent TV Tuner's allow simultaneous watching and Dual recording from any TV channels without many limitations.

You are not going to be able to schedule / record / playback TV unless you are using some sort of TV server software like TvHeadend.

You will have to use custom Firmware on the Shield for PVR use if directly attaching a USB Tuner. Better make sure you get a compatible tuner as well and do you own research over on the NVIDIA Shield forums. Its very much DIY. Stay away from buggy as hell Plex DVR. Most TV Tuner support on Shield is USA only.

WeTek Play2 - you simply flash alternate Firmware from the easy to boot into Android Recovery and then Webpage configure TvHeadend to use the inbuilt Single TV Tuner. SPMC/TvH - Viewing , Scheduling, recording, TimeShifting then works with an attached USB HDD (NTFS formatted).

Also be aware you cannot use Android Kodi Krypton and the TvHeadend PVR viewing client on any Android hardware platform - it's broken - you have to use SPMC (Kodi Jarvis) on the Play2 or Android TV - Live Channels and the TvH App or splash out on HDHomerun Hardware & its Apps.

Play2 + LibreELEC Kodi Krypton & TV/PVR's - no limitations at all - except previously mentioned Single TV Tuner. Smile

(4) You are not going to get 5.1 DD Netflix/Amazon Audio (& other DD+ DRM streaming apps) out of the NVIDIA Shield, because it is NOT Dolby Audio licensed and can only passthrough DD+ Audio to a DD+ capable - HDMI connected Audio receiver. The Shield has no SPDIF output built in.

The WeTek Play2 using any of @ricardos's Firmware ROM/patches can give you 5.1 DD Netflix to a DD only HDMI Audio receiver. I doubt you will get 5.1 Netflix over SPDIF after re-reading this Thread

(5) & (6) yes that is exactly what the WeTek Play2 is designed for. TV Tuner, Dual Boot, easily install Alternate ROM's / Firmware with proper DRM, HDCP 2.2 and Netflix Approvals. Pick which OS suits - you can easily choose what you want. Smile

You need to buy a Wireless remote like the MINIX A2 Lite if using tablet/touchscreen Apps on any Android platform.

No Auto 1080p/4K Resolution switching on ANY Android platform (excluding FireTV2). LibreELEC Kodi Krypton has no problems.
Kodi Krypton dynamic refresh switching works properly on the Shield and Play2 (@ricardo's ROM & MM patches only)

What do i use ?

Gigabit Ethernet - AMLogic S905 ODROID C2 box running LibreELEC Kodi Krypton + TvHeadend Server + dirt cheap PS3 PlayTV Dual DVB-T tuner & NTFS 3.5" 1GB HDD.
Gets me (non HDR) Kodi Krypton without many compromises at all - especially for Krypton TvHeadend PVR use and Krypton legacy video decoding of older video compression formats.

Excellent - Advanced Motion Adaptive - hardware (TV) deinterlacing on AMLogic S8xx/S9xx platforms, when using AMCodec decoder.

Then an additional Play2 with @ricardo's (Marshmallow) ATV ROM for 5.1 4K Netflix, Stan, Spotify etc - Android TV Apps + some light - TvH playing around with Android TV Live Channels + dual booting to LibreELEC Kodi Krypton.
SPMC 16.7.x (Kodi Jarvis) can use either inbuilt TV Tuner or (Gigabit) networked ODROID C2 - TvHeadend Server.

2nd old Dumb TV has a Xiaomi Mi Box for ATV Apps video streaming + casual (non sport) Live Channels TvH Viewing - due to only half motion, poorer quality TV deinterlacing with this box.

Favourite Wireless remote - MINIX A2 Lite, followed by a tie with Mi Box or OSMC Wireless remotes.

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