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Thank you, wrxtasy! It's very impressive how you always response with details, depth, quite clear statements and alot of patience - hats off!

Yes, I can imagine that a "all-in-one" box is quite a myth. Well, at least a perfect one.

However, Wetek Play seems to come quite close to it - sadly with no comparable alternatives, as it looks...

I don't have any problems with some DIY, but it sounds like too much of it for the Shield + missing SPDIF output, so all together not an option for me then.

Could you tell me, what's wrong with the MECOOL KIII PRO Hybrid box? At least technically it seems to be similar to Wetek Play 2.
[edit]OK, just realised it's a Amlogic S912 box, which is a no-go currently, from what I've read, so probably that's why it's not here on the forum[/edit]

Play 2 catched my eye once I read about it for the first time because of the versatility, but I'm quite undecided now
- Rather disappointed with the praised support, user treatment in some cases and of course software quality by Wetek
- Not sure if it's worth it to wait for the Play 2S. That was my plan, since some features announced one year ago did sound quite nice, but the waiting is ongoing for one year now and they don't even say what differences there will be
- Uncertainty about the DAZN app. The post on nachtfalke-forum you linked, is mine Wink One year ago there was only a comment, that it works on the Wetek CORE, but the picture quality was rather bad. The chances are probably good, that it would work on Play 2 MM software and/or Ricardo's ROM, because of the CORE comment and because the DAZN app is available for many devices, Android TV and regular Android among them
- Often critized remote of the Play 2. Would the remote that you suggested (MINIX A2 Lite) be only needed when sticking with Wetek's original software? I.e. would the original remote would be fine for Ricardo's ROM and LibreELEC?

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