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(2017-08-09, 10:23)marko-mb Wrote: What I want:
- kodi, and option to install google play apps (I will use a TV stream app from out CABLE supplier that requires unrooted system. app: "D3GO")
- android, stable system and stable playback without freezing etc...
- 1080 HD
- digital audio output for my receiver (probably spdif coax (only free leftSmile )
- option to power on and off with IR command (harmony remote) with only one command ! not through menus etc....
- LAN - to stream mkv files x265 and x264 from my NAS
- airmouse and keyb for some youtube and extra apps
- not a must but would be cool: a controller option or option to use smartphone to play and control some games for kids)


What you need to work out is does that D3GO app require any DRM like Widewine Level 1 / HDCP - what I mean is, are these copy protected video streams that you have to pay for or is it just regular non protected IPTV App ?

Best Marshmallow Firmware touchscreen/tablet Android OS - Kodi Krypton compatible devices = WeTek Play2 or the MINIX U9.

MINIX U9 comes with a A2/A3 Wireless Air mouse - Keyboard remote vs Play2 that comes with all the proper DRM and HDCP 2.2 certificates in a much more flexible package - you can choose any of 3 OS's. A2/A3 Wireless remotes also works with the Play2 - in fact will be needed to use tablet Apps properly.

Retro Gaming, then Read this post

Quote:(At the time writing this I am using lenovo q180 .. now installed openelec because I had more and more problems with windows in 2 years of use, now openelec keeps freezing. movies showing titles that are no longer on disk, sometimer IR power on and off works sometimes not, so it is time to get rid of it!)

1st question - why are you using OpenELEC ?

All developers but the founding OE guy left OpenELEC and started up LibreELEC - that is where all leading edge development is now taking place.
Suggestion is to drop a X86 .tar LibreELEC 8.x.x update file into the Update folder and reboot.


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