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(2017-08-10, 09:36)biochem Wrote: What do you mean with not capable of auto resolution switch? How does this appear in everyday usage? I am not able to start movie A (1080p) and after that movie B (2160p) without having to change something in the settings?
That is exactly what I'm saying - Android is not capable of 1080p/2160p Auto resolution switching.

For optimal Android 1080p/4K picture output on a 4K TV you are going to have to fiddle with settings each and every time - depending on the content you are viewing.
Upscaling Hardware in 4K TV's produces superior 1080p > 4K upscaling picture output quality vs using upscaling hardware in an Android media player.

Please read what 4K TV Android Shield owners complain about.

This all depends on how much you value picture output quality vs hands off media player 1080p/4K convenience.

Why do you need Android for 4K Kodi only anyway - you are only handcuffing yourself IMHO ?

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