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Quote:Yep - in Kodi terms I totally agree. That said Linaro are backing the HiSilicon stuff So it could be an interesting thing to keep an eye on. Whether it will amount to anything relevant to Kodi - who knows...
We shall see. I don't know the specifics about VPU acceleration under Linux for the chip.
Even then, it will need some interest from the community.
Quote:So how are you getting >140Mbs content over a 100Mbs connection - or is the 140Mbs a peak, with the average below 100Mbs? I'm confused.

BTW - I totally agree that until we see proper, real world, content maxing out UHD bitrates it is a non-issue. Practical issues of storing ~100GB movie files is an issue...

If the video is over 100Mbps, there will be a buffering period.
I suspect that we'll be OK for quite a while; but if gains in storage are made and we see higher bitrate clips becoming more prevalent, we can
resolve this with some changes to buffering.

Fortunately in AML 3.14 the Ethernet module used is an upstream one, which has separate tasklets for RX and TX. With iperf
I get a consistent 96Mbps.

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